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Aspire Academy is...


Core Academic Classes

Offering core classes for K-12th that can be added to any school transcript.


Core Elective Classes

Offering a wide variety of Electives to fill all interests in an affordable way. 


Support for Families

Our Tutors teach the curriculum & you do the work at home. We help fill the gaps in a meaningful way. 

Aspire Academy is Tulsa’s full-service homeschooling academic support campus. We are a not-for-profit (501c3) created to come alongside and meet the academic needs of homeschooling families by offering a’la’carte/drop off classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are not a government-funded/public school, private school, or part-time private school and as such, we are not accredited by any state or educational agency, nor do we desire to be. 


As an organization, we believe and support that your home is the child’s primary school and that by electing to home school, parents assume the role of primary teacher. Families have the constitutionally protected right to customize their student’s education based on individual interests, learning styles, learning disabilities, passions, specific needs and personality, and to incorporate the family’s personal values and beliefs into their daily teaching however they see fit. We do not view all children the same, expect all children to advance or master concepts at the same pace, or at the same age, or put students into a one size fits all box – this is the beauty and basic foundation of homeschooling. We understand and support that each family selects the subjects their child will learn, but also encourage college bound students to follow Oklahoma graduation guidelines and standards when selecting core classes and electives during their high school years if they desire to attend college.


Our Academy Program is designed to encourage and support by blending the best aspects of homeschool with the social and engaging environment of an in-person classroom. Parents work together in partnership with our professional in-person tutors. We provide support for parents as they teach and reinforce the content for each subject at home. Our parents have a significant responsibility and accountability to ensure at-home work is completed and students comprehend what they’re learning on home days. 

Aspire Academy supplements the home education journey by offering a multitude of both academic and enrichment classes. Our academic classes provide students with instruction, labs, tests, and class work, as well as daily homework. Enrichment and elective classes provide a teaching atmosphere in class, but often do not require heavy homework assignments. Students may participate in one class or may enroll in several, depending on their current needs. In addition to our classes, many of our tutors offer one-on-one private tutoring that can be purchased directly through them.

Other Aspire Programs

Our Discovery Community is a fun and awesome day put on by teachers & parents in order to give our kids a taste of some really neat classes and allows them to make everlasting friendships as well which meets the need of the social aspect in homeschool life. This program functions like a true homeschool cooperative but with an option for parents to drop-off students OR stay and volunteer for the class day!

We have a thriving student community at ASPIRE. Our family tree is steeped in fellowship and creating life long friendships! Our student tree groups gather by age range so they can get to know each other in meaningful ways. 

As homeschoolers, we know that education doesn't just happen in a classroom! We learn in all settings!  For that reason, Aspire has many options for those extra educational experiences! These are available to students across all campuses, or students that don't attend a campus at all! Academic Fairs - Science Fair, Living Wax Museum, Book Fairs, Field Trips, Graduation, etc

Aspire College and Career aren't just for students, it's for parents too! Our Career Center will be for students and parents. We will be offering resume writing and interviewing classes. We plan to partner with solid work from home opportunities and local businesses who are willing to create flexible schedules for homeschooling parents and students.

Aspire has always served the community around us in many ways, but now we are taking it a step further.  We will have opportunities for families and students to be a part of a formal Community Service program.  Families can draw closer through serving others together. Students can move outside of themselves in an effort to serve others, all the while banking Community Service hours for their resumes and college applications.

Our Clubs are the fun extras where plenty of social activity, along with learning happens. It's for the quirky, the ones with specific interests, the ones that are looking for friends who like the same things they do. Some of our clubs are Robotics, Chess Club, Book Clubs, Art Club, Archery, and Bike Club. 


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