Shrubs (Kindergarten)

Elective Classes

  • Academy does not offer afternoon elective classes for our Kindergarten grade. However, we do encourage connection and playtime after a long morning of Core Classes and learning! Experiential learning through creative play is just as important at this age, so we encourage you to take advantage of our afternoon childcare for this age group.

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Core Classes

  • Elementary core classes are 2-day classes. Students will attend both Mondays & Wednesdays for each core class hour taken. A one day option is available, but parents will be expected to present the new information and material on the second day to ensure the student stays on track with the class schedule. 

Reading is a doorway to new worlds, imaginary characters, and a variety of places, people, and times. During our reading and language arts class, students will participate in Calendar Time, learning the days of the week, months of the year, patterns, weather, and more. We will also read a variety of children’s literature including favorites such as If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, Little Bear, Petunia, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and many more. Students will then engage in games, crafts, and even writing activities based on the books we read in class. We will sing songs, read poems, and have lots of fun with language-based activities. Through this hands-on, interactive approach to literature and language arts, hopefully, the kindergarten students will fall in love with books and reading giving them a solid foundation for their educational future.


  • Reading and Language Arts Curriculum- Supplied by Aspire

  • Supply Fee: $5.00

  • A supply list will be provided on the syllabus

Reading & Language Arts 

Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Julie Cox 

8:30am   - 9:15am

Learning numbers, recognizing patterns, counting money, telling time, adding, and subtracting...Abeka Number Skills encourages your child’s curiosity in numbers while building a strong mathematical foundation at a young age. In class, students will learn a variety of math concepts with a hands-on approach through manipulatives, real-life scenarios, and directed play. These concepts will be reinforced and reviewed at home through the colorful and engaging Number Skills Workbook.


Math Curriculum:

  • Abeka Number Skills K5 Workbook Purchase Link HERE

  • Supply Fee: $5.00

  • A supply list will be provided on the syllabus


Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Julie Cox 

9:20am   - 10:05am


& Handwriting

Whether your kindergartener knows all of their letters, knows how to write his or her name, or has no knowledge of letters and sounds, the Abeka Phonics program begins with introducing vowels and their short sounds, moves to each of the consonants and their sounds, and quickly begins teaching students how to blend these sounds together to make words. Students will progress from reading short vowel words like hat and big to sounding out words with long vowel sounds and consonant blends such us break and shade. With lots of hands-on activities in class along with songs, chants, and poems, learning Phonics will be fun! And the Abeka workbook provides plenty of review and reinforcement at home of the ideas presented in class. Handwriting will follow along with the letters we are learning in Phonics and soon students will be writing words and even sentences!


Phonics and Handwriting Curriculum:

  • Abeka K5 Letters and Sounds Workbook -Purchase Link HERE

  • Handwriting Without Tears Numbers and Letters for Me --Purchase Link HERE

  • Abeka Readers and Blend Book purchased by Aspire

  • Book Rental Fee of $15 per semester

  • Supply Fee: $5.00

  • A supply list will be provided on the syllabus

Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Julie Cox 

10:45am   - 11:30am

Science / History

God created this amazing world on which we live, and studying His creation through both Science and History gives us a glimpse into our creative, loving Heavenly Father.  With a Unit Studies approach, students will learn about this wonderful world in which we live through a systematic look at each of the seven continents and the oceans of the world.  We will study the climate, animal habitats, geography, culture, and people of each region integrating history and science through literature, map studies, art projects, games, songs, and more.  Your kindergartener will have a blast as we take a trip around the globe!


  • Supply Fee: $15.00

  • A supply list will be provided on the syllabus

Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Julie Cox 

11:35am   - 12:25pm

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