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(All-Day Kindergarten)

Core Classes

  • Elementary core classes are 2-day classes. Students will attend both Mondays & Wednesdays. Attendance on both days is required.

  • This class is 8:30 to 3:00 on Monday & Wednesday.

  • For all curriculum and books provided by Aspire for Kindergarten, there will be a book rental fee of $60 per school year.

  • $100 Supply Fee for the school year for all supplies to be provided.

  • Each class has a supply list for workbooks.

Reading is a doorway to new worlds, imaginary characters, and a variety of places, people, and times. During our reading and language arts class, students will participate in Calendar Time, learning the days of the week, months of the year, patterns, weather, and more. We will also read a variety of children’s literature including favorites such as If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, Little Bear, Petunia, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and many more. Students will then engage in games, crafts, and even writing activities based on the books we read in class. We will sing songs, read poems, and have lots of fun with language-based activities. Through this hands-on, interactive approach to literature and language arts, hopefully, the kindergarten students will fall in love with books and reading giving them a solid foundation for their educational future.


  • Reading and Language Arts Curriculum- Supplied by Aspire

Reading & Language Arts 

Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Samantha Martinez

Learning numbers, recognizing patterns, counting money, telling time, adding, and subtracting...Abeka Number Skills encourages your child’s curiosity in numbers while building a strong mathematical foundation at a young age. In class, students will learn a variety of math concepts with a hands-on approach through manipulatives, real-life scenarios, and directed play. These concepts will be reinforced and reviewed at home through the colorful and engaging Number Skills Workbook.


Math Curriculum:


Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Samantha Martinez

Phonics & Handwriting

Whether your kindergartener knows all of their letters, knows how to write his or her name, or has no knowledge of letters and sounds, the Abeka Phonics program begins with introducing vowels and their short sounds, moves to each of the consonants and their sounds, and quickly begins teaching students how to blend these sounds together to make words. Students will progress from reading short vowel words like hat and big to sounding out words with long vowel sounds and consonant blends such us break and shade. With lots of hands-on activities in class along with songs, chants, and poems, learning Phonics will be fun! And the Abeka workbook provides plenty of review and reinforcement at home of the ideas presented in class. Handwriting will follow along with the letters we are learning in Phonics and soon students will be writing words and even sentences!


Phonics and Handwriting Curriculum:

Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Samantha Martinez

Science / History

This year we will be diving into the sea and learning about ocean animals as well as land animals. We will uncover the truths about many historical events and figures. We will have guest speakers and open books that lead our minds to take many adventures into scientific and historical facts. We will use resources such as Mystery Doug, The Magic School Bus & Scholastic News. Your children will be in awe of how amazing science and history can be which will open the door for the future.

Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Samantha Martinez

To download the PDF Schedule
of CORE & ELECTIVE CLASSES please click this link: 

Additional All-Day Kindergarten Activities:

Your kindergartners will also enjoy hands on learning that continue with our themes from class. We will have fun art projects, STEAM fun, Science Labs and more.

Our Art Projects will either be paired with a book or will be a fun activity that pertains to our theme. The kids will be able to bring home their masterpieces and hang it proudly on the fridge all while learning more about our theme from class.

The Science portion of our afternoon will contain activities around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math) as well as other fun science labs.  

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