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Montessori Class

Ages - 3 to 6 (must be potty trained)

Mondays and Wednesdays (both days required)

Grades: Preschool & Kindergarten

Teacher: Amber Andrews

Full Day

8:30am - 3:00pm


A hands-on learning environment that is designed to aid children in their development of independence, concentration, coordination, and order. Montessori subjects include Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Math, and Language. I will incorporate electives into our curriculum which will include, but not limited to Music, Sign Language, Physical Education, and a Monthly Unit of Study. In Practical Life, we will practice necessary practical life skills such as using good manners, taking care of ourselves and our environment, learning how to use different utensils and tools, and may go as far as learning how to sew and iron. In Sensorial, we will use our senses to explore different materials, sort and grade objects, and learn some geometry along the way. Cultural contains age appropriate lessons in world cultures, zoology, botany, astronomy, geography, and geology. In Math, we will cover all state standards using materials and lessons that progress from concrete to abstract, making the more advanced mathematical concepts easier to understand. In Language, we will cover all the state standards using self-correcting materials. The lessons range from learning new vocabulary, learning phonics, reading, writing, and grammar. My goal this year is for my students to gain confidence and a love of learning.

Our day will consist of two snack times and a family-style lunchtime. We ask that parents bring a backpack fully stocked. Please make sure to include all that apply: two snacks, any bathroom items needed, a labeled water bottle, lunch, a change of clothes, and a nap mat. Please label all items.

PLEASE NOTE: In case of food allergies, we may need to be very careful with what foods enter the classroom. We will have instructions on off-limit food items for lunches and snacks before school starts.

Supply Fee: $150 supply fee per school year

Supply fees will be paid directly to Teachers.


Also, the curriculum is available to purchase, by the week, at

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