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Redbuds 2 
(2nd Grade)

Core Classes

  • Elementary core classes are 2-day classes. Students will attend both Mondays & Wednesdays. Attendance on both days is required.

  • This class is 8:30 to 12:30 on Monday & Wednesday.

  • For all curriculum and books provided by Aspire for 2nd Grade, there will be a book rental fee of $60 per school year

  • $40 Supply Fee for the school year

  • Each class has a supply list, but you will also need these supplies:

    • 1 box of Sharpened Pencils

    • 4 glue sticks

    • 1 box of Crayons

    • 1 box of Washable Markers

    • 1 pair of Kids Scissors

    • 1 Pink Eraser

    • 12-inch Ruler

    • 1 package of wide-ruled Notebook Paper

    • 1 Plastic Folder with Pockets and Prongs

Language, Phonics

& Writing

Abeka Phonics & Language 2

Teach your student the wonderful gift of the English language! This book gives your student an excellent foundation in sentence structure, language development, and grammar. It uses the special phonics sounds that will help expand his vocabulary, enhance his word analysis skills, and increase his reading speed.

2nd-grade handwriting reinforces precursive models for the entire alphabet.  Proper handwriting is practiced using Scripture, poetry, recipes, and thank-you notes.


Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Sarah Mullins



Abeka Arithmetic 2

Have your child begin applying mathematical concepts to everyday situations even in the second grade. Foundational concepts such as addition with carrying and subtraction with borrowing are greatly emphasized and reviewed in Grade 2. Counting money, telling time, reading graphs, and Roman numerals are just some more concepts that your child will learn and build upon throughout his arithmetic journey.



Class Offered Both Days 

Teacher: Sarah Mullins

Reading & Spelling


Abeka 2nd Grade Readers & Reading Comprehension 2

Reading: Your child will read passages and answer questions that are on a 2nd grade level and based on phonics skills. They will also be exposed to both fiction and non-fiction in their reading. A variety of different reading skills will be address as your child works their way through the reading comprehension workbook.

Spelling: Guide your students to be super spellers! With 33 phonics-based word lists, your students will build their vocabulary with hundreds of words that they know how to spell correctly. Starting in the second semester, your students will boost their language skills even more with vocabulary words complete with definitions. Continue furthering their language abilities by encouraging poetry memorization with eight fully illustrated poems.


  • Readers & Blend Book purchased by Aspire (Curriculum Rental Fee of $30 per school year)

  • Reading Comp Workbook - Purchase Link HERE

  • Abeka Spelling & Poetry 2 - Purchase Link HERE

Class Offered Both Days

Teacher: Sarah Mullins

Science / History

First Semester is Science

Abeka Enjoying God’s World

Satisfy your child’s curiosity about the world around him with this science text. In light of God’s design of creation, your child will study the human body, plants, animals, matter, energy, and space. Boost reading comprehension while developing thinking skills as your child researches the “how” and “why” questions behind the basic science concepts of his surroundings.​

Second Semester is History

Abeka Our America

Instill patriotism into your second grader with lessons about the people who made America great. Teach your child the historical accounts of the Pilgrims, Native Americans, early colonists, pioneers, cowboys, and immigrants. Give him a better understanding of American holidays, patriotic songs, and flag etiquette. Your child will learn where all 50 of the states are on a map.

Class Offered Both Days

Teacher: Sarah Mullins

To download the PDF Schedule
of CORE & ELECTIVE CLASSES please click this link: 

Elective Classes

  • Please follow this LINK to the Elementary Electives offered 5th & 6th hours.

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