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Maples 2
(4th Grade)

Core Classes

  • Elementary core classes are 2-day classes. Students will attend both Mondays & Wednesdays. Attendance on both days is required.

  • This class is 8:30 to 12:30 on Monday & Wednesday.

  • For all curriculum and books provided by Aspire for 4th Grade, there will be a book rental fee of $60 per school year

  • $40 Supply Fee for the school year paid directly to the tutor

  • Each class has a supply list, but you will also need these supplies:​​

    • a box with sharpened pencils,

    • 1 glue stick

    • 1 box of crayons

    • 1 pair of kid scissors

    • colored pencils

    • 1 pack of skinny markers

    • writing tablet

    • notebook paper

    • 4 plastic folders with pocket and prongs

Language & Writing

ABEKA Language A - Further your child’s understanding of the parts of speech with Language A.  This work-text gives your child exercises to practice capitalization, punctuation, correcting run-ons and fragments, recognizing all 8 parts of speech, and more. Broaden your child’s writing ability by practicing the writing process and using a checklist for completing reports. Continue establishing your child’s foundation of proper grammar and exceptional writing with the tools and tips in Language A.

BJU Handwriting 4 - Helps students refine handwriting skills while writing journals, paragraphs, outlines, and hymns. Student lessons center on the Sights of America theme with facts about states. 


Class Offered Both Days

Teacher: Jenesa Wheeler


​Abeka Arithmetic 4

Help your child excel in arithmetic with the colorful, daily work-text Arithmetic 4. Practice multiplying and dividing 2-digit numbers, estimating, and writing decimals as fractions.  Your child will solidify his understanding of square measures, simple geometry, proper and improper fractions


Class Offered Both Days

Teacher: Jenesa Wheeler

Reading & Spelling

Abeka 4th Grade Readers

Reading from classics, modern stories, and poetry gives your child insight into his world and presents him with Christian ideals and spiritual values. 

Read & Think 4 Comp Skills

Evaluate your child’s reading comprehension with 44 timed reading exercises. Each story comes with a specified amount of time in which to read and 10 comprehension questions to answer.

Abeka Spelling, Vocab & Poetry 4

Spelling – This class will lead your child to learn the exact meaning of words, improve proofreading skills, and appreciate good poetry. Your child will understand how to spell commonly used words and use vocabulary words correctly. Each list comes with word exercises to help your child with proofreading and identifying misspelled words. Six poems are also included to help your child appreciate poetry while learning to memorize and recite with good expression.


  • Abeka Spelling & Poetry 4 - Purchase Link HERE

  • Readers & Comp Skills Sheets purchased by Aspire

Class Offered Both Days

Teacher: Jenesa Wheeler

Science / History

First Semester is Science

Abeka Understanding God’s World

Your fourth grader will enjoy this fascinating presentation of things that he can observe in the world around him. He learns how to make an insect zoo, how to identify plants and rocks, how to attract birds to his own back yard, and how to interpret cloud formations. Your child will appreciate the miracle of plant germination, the causes of weather, the design of the starry heavens, the ecology of the ocean depths, and other aspects of God’s creative genius.​

Second Semester is History

Abeka The History of Our United States

Present American history to your child in an interesting way through the narrative format of The History of Our United States. From the days of Christopher Columbus to the United States’ involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom, teach your child about the discoveries, innovations, documents, wars, and people that have played a part in establishing America’s greatness. Charts of states and Presidents plus foundational documents such as the Preamble to the Constitution, the First Amendment, the Gettysburg Address, and more are included in the back of the text for your child to memorize and appreciate for their historical importance. ​


Class Offered Both Days

Teacher: Jenesa Wheeler

To download the PDF Schedule
of CORE & ELECTIVE CLASSES please click this link: 

Elective Classes

  • Please follow this LINK to the Elementary Electives offered 5th & 6th hours.

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