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Little Roots

Childcare Ages - 0-3

Mondays and/or Wednesdays

Half Day                                Full Day

8:30am - 12:30pm                 8:30am - 3:00pm

12:30pm - 3:00pm


Our Seedlings (babies through 2 years) have several classrooms they utilize throughout the day. Children are divided between babies, crawlers, and walkers to better suit their needs.

Saplings (3 years) will have plenty of time for play. The day will be split between centers/free play and large motor play. (Take this out - When weather permits, we can play outside.) Seedlings have a playroom dedicated to “big toys” that allows them to jump, climb, crawl, and slide. We also have plenty of messy fun with special age-appropriate crafts. Quiet times with storybooks and music are also enjoyed. And, of course, napping!

Our day will consist of two snack times and a family-style lunchtime. We ask that parents bring a diaper bag or backpack fully stocked. Please make sure to include all that apply: diapers, wipes, labeled sippy cups, two snacks, lunch, a change of clothes, sunscreen (as needed), proper outdoor clothing (as needed), a favorite blankie or lovie for nap time. Please label all items.

Supply Fee: $15 supply fee per semester

Supplies: Each student needs to bring their own nap mat and blanket that can stay at the school and they need to bring one snack for themselves each day, two if all day (aside from lunch). See above for diaper bag needs. 

Sprouts (Pre-K) Ages 3-4

Mondays & Wednesdays / Both

Half Day                                  Full Day

8:30am - 12:30pm                   8:30am - 3:00pm


Saplings are our 3-year-old students and Sprouts are our 4-year-old students. Together, they will form the Aspire Academy Preschool class!

A child must be 3-4 years old and potty trained to be a part of the Preschool program.


The students will participate in several different types of learning throughout the day. They will follow a fun preschool curriculum chosen by our experienced preschool teachers. They will also have different fun activities such as Fitness, Art, and Music, as well as a relaxed lunchtime. Below is a summary of examples of some fun they will have!


Fitness: We will focus on gross motor building activities, cardiovascular health, stretching and learning different muscle groups, and last but not least, teamwork. This high-energy class is sure to leave your child feeling like a champ inside and out!


Music: Students will have the opportunity to explore music through games, songs, movement, and rhythm. This will help develop their social skills, motor skills, language, and memory skills. They will learn sharing, creativity, self-expression and so much more.


Art: Our art class will be a variety of art crafts and projects all designed to keep their hands busy! Students will work with different mediums to reinforce fine motor skills and sensory play.


For the younger ones, a time of rest may be encouraged. This end of the day will be focused on winding down, quiet reflection, and play.

Supplies Needed: 

- A full size backpack

- nap mat

- spill-proof cup that remains at school 

- The 3 following Abeka worksbooks: 





Supply Fee: $20 supply fee per semester

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