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Aspire Academy At-a-Glance


  • Founded by The Aspire Group in 2018 thanks to the vision of one of our members, Karen Cuellar

  • 501(c)(3)

  • Governed by a board of trustees & an operational leadership team

  • Volunteer driven

  • Aspire is a non-profit organization, and our staff is all volunteer. Tuition goes to cover tutor costs, tutor curriculum, supplies, and building fees - making it one of the most affordable and flexible academic options in the Tulsa metro area. 


  • All Homeschool or School-at-Home Students 

  • All members of The Aspire Group

  • All Students must sign a Student Code of Conduct and be expected to adhere to the rules and expectations.

  • We welcome Epic families, but are not an Epic Vendor

Tutors & Faculty

  • Many of our tutors have a degree in their area of skill, however, it is not a requirement as long as they demonstrate a deep passion and in-depth knowledge to teach their subject. 

  • All Faculty is background checked and approved by The Aspire Group.

  • Our Faculty and Office staff are all Volunteer-run, please see below for volunteer opportunities which may lower your tuition costs.

Location and Facility

  • We have 1 campus for Academy, located at Eastwood Baptist Church (948 S 91st East Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112) 

  • We are so blessed by our church partners to hold classes and meet the needs of our Homeschool community and must brag on the staff at this church. Not only are they accommodating but they have been WONDERFUL to partner with. They are truly a blessing to us. 

  • Academy only has ONE campus, whereas our Discovery Program has two and you can find more information on Discovery by visiting our home page and clicking on Aspire Discovery. 



  • All our classes are meant to be Full Curriculum Core Classes

  • The Tutors teach the material 1-2 days per week and send home the work for the other days for an average of 30-45 min per class per weekday. 

  • YOU still have control. Choose the classes that fit the needs of your child. 

We accommodate all levels of schooling

  • Daycare (Little Roots)

      Half Day​ or Full Day, 1-2 Days per week

  • Pre-K 

      Half Day​ or Full Day, 2 Days per week

  • Kindergarten

      Half Day or Full Day, 2 Days per week

  • Lower Elementary Classes 1st thru 5th

      Half Day​ or Full Day, 2 Days per week

  • Upper Grade Classes 5th thru 12th

      a la carte classes, 1-2 Days per week

Financial Aid & Parent Involvement

Volunteer Info
  • Because our classes are so affordable our help with costs comes through giving of your time as the parent. To earn discounts you can teach, volunteer, or help with admin. As a Volunteer directed campus we HIGHLY encourage you to get involved and can always use the help. This is a team effort! 

  • Aspire also offers multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the year, the benefits of which go STRAIGHT towards your tuition fees!

  • Lastly, we offer a payment plan in which Academy costs can be broken down into 10 payments for the school year. 

Aspire Academy FAQ

Class Dates

  • Academy meets 13 weeks per semester, see calendar for specific dates & class descriptions for days/hours offered. 

Class & Curriculum Info

  • Fees are here.

  • Academy costs are less than similar programs offered in the Tulsa area, and we hope to keep it that way!

  • Volunteer hours are encouraged but not required, a discount is offered for regular service

  • Our model is unique. Our Tutors teach 1-2 days per week (depending on age range and curriculum needs). Then they assign homework based on the materials they've taught for the remainder of the week. Parents may be needed to supervise homework, and answer basic questions. 

  • We request that should you register for classes, you commit to the full year on the classes you have chosen. This helps keep our fiscal budget intact. Should you decide not to continue mid-year you may still incur the second-semester fees. 

  • Tutors will be providing a syllabus, grading work, and issuing a class grade at the end of the year. 

  • All curriculum choices can be seen in the class descriptions for each class.

  • We do not follow the typical age requirements on classes. Being a Homeschool Support we allow YOU, the parent, to decide where your child's needs are. If you choose a 9th-grade math class, and a 7th grade English class for the same child, THAT'S OK! We know everyone works on different levels and we choose to let them succeed where you think is appropriate for their level. 

  • Aspire does have book rental fees that are charged for most books that Aspire will purchase and reuse. This will save families a considerable amount on curriculum costs and allow Aspire to invest in a solid curriculum for the Academy Program.

  • Some classes may have supply fees. This will cover the materials used in class. Some teachers may opt to post a supply list, then you are responsible for purchasing those supplies separately. 

  • Study Hall is not considered an official "class". There are no materials taught and no expectations thus the lower fee. Study Hall does not apply for discounts. Students must have something to keep them occupied throughout the duration of their study hall, we will not provide any busy options. Social study hall students will not be provided entertainment, and must also have something to keep them occupied as well. Being in social study hall is not PE or an excuse to be disruptive. Social study hall is a privilege and any students that are not mature enough to behave and follow the rules in this environment will be removed immediately without warning. There are no devices or laptops allowed in social study hall, violators will lose their social study hall privileges.

  • Our curriculum largely focuses on a Christian Worldview perspective.

  • VIPs, Leadership, and Tutors all receive extra discounts. 

  • We operate on a $0 based budget, everything collected goes back into Aspire for the next year. This investment is why we keep growing and adding so many opportunities for students!

  • Our classes have a 5 student minimum and a 10-20 student maximum based on the class. 

  • We have classes for Infant all the way to 12th grade. There are no minimum age requirements to attend so even if you utilize the mother's day out option only we welcome you to join!

  • Aspire does accept EPIC Students, however, we are not an EPIC Vendor. If you choose to do both EPIC and Academy we recommend speaking with your teacher first to make sure the class you are taking can be counted in your curriculum with EPIC. 

Safety & Behavior Expectations

  • To ensure your child’s safety, Academy is locked at all times when students are present in the building. 

  • We have one entrance/exit door that we utilize and a door attendant constantly monitoring anyone coming or going.

  • We ask for Kinder and under parents to escort their child personally to the classroom and pick up their students from the classroom by 3:15. There will be a charge starting at 3:20 PM for late pickups.

  • When you register as an Aspire family, every adult living in the household will be background checked as well as each of our volunteers, substitutes, and tutors at our campus.

  • We have a Statement of Faith, Volunteer Guidelines, Student Guidelines, Dress Code, and Student Expectations that we ask you to sign, read, and explain to your students. Older students are asked to review and sign the expectations every year.

  • Children are expected to behave and be respectful of their tutors and others during their class time. This ensures the best learning environment possible. We believe in giving "Grace upon Grace" so we attempt to handle all things in the most grace-filled way that we possibly can. Being thoughtful of others also means expecting and requiring the kiddos to do the same while modeling and teaching them how.

  • If there is a behavior issue, your student will be given one warning and one chance to redirect in a class by the tutor. If the behavior continues, the tutor will send the student to the admin office for the remainder of the class period. Parents will need to contact the tutor to receive any work missed due to the child’s absence. If the offense is minor, Admin will address behavioral issues, correct and/or redirect, allowing the student to go to their next class hour. If the offense is major or needs parental attention, Admin will contact parents to pick up their students for the day. Tutors only have so much class time at Academy to cover an extensive amount of information so we cannot allow disruptions in the classroom to continue for the sake of time and for the respect of the other children's learning experience.

  • We do have a medical incident form, and a behavioral incident forms online that we request you fill out if your child was hurt in any way, or if your child is having an issue with anyone at Academy. These forms are sent to our BARC committee, who are non-partisan parties that will handle any issues with grace, discretion, and understanding. This helps us keep each other accountable as well as documents any issues for future reference. These forms are also encouraged in order to keep gossip and verbal complaints to a minimum.

Sick & Vacation Policy

  • Our Sick Policy is being updated. We will update once approved by our Board of Directors. 

Tours & Open Houses

  • We try to offer 1-2 Open Houses each year for families to tour our campus and ask questions. We strongly encourage you to attend one of these! If you are unable to attend, you can email us through the website and we will attempt to schedule you for a personal tour. If you request a tour please be patient as they are first come first serve as we have availability and not guaranteed.
    • Please respect our time and attend the time and date set.
    • Our Open Houses will always be announced on our Facebook page. To watch for times please "like" us and make sure your setting says "see first".

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