Dawn Brandenburgh

Dawn Brandenburgh has been a member of Aspire for 4 years and a long time home educator. She has been core to making Aspire what it is today.  She will serve on the Board, but will also be heading up our focus on Policy and Procedure.  This is not to create a bunch of red tape, but rather to make sure we are functioning in an optimal way as we continue to grow.  She will be working over the next school year to create a portfolio of Policies and Procedures that are Board Approved and will live on as core important documents to Aspire. As the need arises, Dawn will also handle any HR issues and will be working to put things in place, so that as we grow and need to hire employees, we will be ready to take action.

Craig Dean

Craig Dean is a "founding father" so-to-speak for The Aspire Group.  His family has been a part of Aspire since the beginning. This father of 4 is committed to home education and ensuring that The Aspire Group answers God's call each year.

Daniel Gibson

Daniel Gibson is a father to 7, including 3 amazing adopted kiddos! His family has been lifelong home educators and are passionate about all Aspire represents. His family has been at Aspire for 2 years and, it that short time, have made a big impact in making Aspire the organization it is today.

Julie Thrash

Julie Thrash has been an Aspire member for 2 years. She will serve on our Board, but will also play a role in operational leadership in The Aspire Way - one of our biggest answers to putting our “faith into action” around preserving our group culture. Julie is committed to the community of Aspire and ensuring that as we grow, we maintain the beautiful community the the Lord has blessed us with!

Dan VanWormer

Dan VanWormer brings many year of Board experience to Aspire as well as a passion for home education.  Four of his grandchildren attend Aspire.  He will be serving on our Board and leading the Finance and Legal Committee composed of members, operational staff, and Board Members. The focus here is to put some check and balances in place and make sure there is a separation of duties. All our Financial Statements will follow the norm for non-profits in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Brad Brooks

Brad Brooks will serve on our Board as the First Baptist Church of Rolling Hills representative. But Brad's family has also been a key member family at Aspire for more than 2 years. Brad and his wife Julie have been homeschooling for many years and have a passion for home education that is seen throughout their life, service and ministry.  We are thankful for our partner church and for Brad and his staff at FBCRH.

Julie Cox

Julie Cox will serve on our Board as the Fellowship Bible Church representative. Julie's family joined Aspire a year ago and one of her children was a part of our first graduating class this year. We are so thankful for Julie, her passion for teaching, her discerning and gentle spirit, and especially her work to connect Aspire with our new partner church FBC. 

Sanctuary Church Representative

A Board representative for Sanctuary Church has not been chosen yet.

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Amy Dean

Amy Dean is our Executive Director. She reports to the Board of Directors and is ultimately responsible for all Operational Programs. She is one of the original founding families who began Aspire 5 years ago.  Amy is mother to 4 Aspire students and is passionate about the mission and direction of Aspire!

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